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Chiropractic Treatment in Texas

Chiropractor Near Me Texas

How Do I Know if My Back Pain is Serious?

Found yourself on google searching “Chiropractor near me” or “Back Pain specialist near me”? Many individuals wonder when to seek treatment for back pain. We will provide some things to look out for that will indicate that its time to seek a Chiropractor near you for treatment regarding your back pain issues: 

  1. You are experiencing back pain for over a week. Normally mild back pain issues will go away for a few days. If the pain is still strong and severe even after a week then its best to give us a call so that we can take a look at it for you. 
  1. Your back pain came after an accident occurred. If you recently fell or experienced back pain due to an accident or injury it may have cause some sort of spinal damage or fracture. Whether you or your child experienced a sports injury; having a doctor examine the area and performing an X-ray could assist in locating any possible serious injuries that could become more detrimental in the future if its prolonged. 
  1. You experience pain in other areas including your back. Having back pain with other pains, such as stomach pains or leg pains can indicate either kidney issues or other serious nerve issues. Speak with us, so that we can do the necessary tests to determine what the probable causes might be.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Why do people get chiropractic adjustments?

Lower back pain, neck pain and headaches are the most common problems for which people seek chiropractic adjustment. It aids in finding the root of the problem and then solving it to live a better lifestyle as it assists in getting a better sleep. Below we will look at the benefits of seeking chiropractic treatment:

  1. Reduces Neck Pain & Back Pain. Chiropractic treatment is very commonly known to get rid of prolonging back and neck pain for people all over the world. 
  1. Eases Headache Symptoms. Being in constant pain is known to cause headaches and increase stress. Once the pain is relieved around your body it tends to reduce the potential recurrence of headaches due to the back or neck injury.
  1. Reduces Scoliosis Pain & Improves Posture. Many individuals suffer from scoliosis globally and also have issue with the ir posture. Getting a spinal adjustment or spinal decompression can assist to gradually improve your muscles and bones and allow you to move freely and more comfortably.
  1. Removes Need for Constant Opioids or Pain Relievers. When you get a chiropractic adjustment and it fixes the issue you or your family member may no longer need to intake potentially harmful pain reliever drugs like opioids or fentanyl. 
  1. Improves Athletic Performance. Spinal adjustments may potentially improve your athletic performance. This could be due to increased joint mobility, reduced pain, and less tissue restriction.

For chiropractic treatment or for a chiropractic adjustment you can visit us at 4095 De Zavala Road Shavano Park, TX 78249 or call: (210) 545-7000


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