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Love Your Heart: Keep It Pumping


What would happen if your heart suddenly stops beating? 

Now, that’s not a happy thought but… since it is Heart Health Month we want to give you some tips to keep your heart healthy and live a very long, healthy and happy life.

Let’s fight heart disease together! This Heart Health Month is dedicated to fighting the silent killer. Here are some ways:

1 – Say no to that second scoop of ice cream.

Creamy, sweet and delectable, ice cream is indeed a lovely dessert to indulge in. But its high-fat content combined with other sugars can cause high blood pressure, leaving your heart working overtime to keep your blood flowing smoothly.

Try cutting off sugary foods and processed carbohydrates to keep your cardiovascular system in shape.

2 – Move your body!

Exercise is not just a good way to shed excess fats and stay in shape. It also keeps villains (aka, fat cells) at bay. When you work out, your body can burn these fat cells to give your heart extra energy.

3 – Oxygenate yourself.

Staying hydrated will make your heart work less. Water is not just a liquid that quenches thirst, and it also relieves strain on the cardiovascular system.

4 – Avoid stress.

Stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and other deadly diseases.

5 – Take good care of yourself.

Don’t take anything for granted. Pay close attention to your health and do regular checks on your heart’s condition.

Heart Health Month aims to raise public awareness about the importance of keeping their hearts alive and kicking!

Let’s keep it pumping, fellas!


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